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Monday, October 18, 2004

Fighting against my Fritz Card DSL SL

So today i tried to get my Fritz Card DSL SL to run...
After 3 hours of hard work I'm at a point where I found no solution to my problem. The tool "drdsl" exits with a segmentation fault before spitting out the right VCC options. I found two other people having the same problem, but they had no solution either... :-(
Perhaps i simply have to upgrade the kernel...

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Testing mobile2email2blog!

Well this more a test if sending messages from my mobile to the blog really works.
Our recreation is now nearly over, and we had a really good time. I'm really happy about it.
When i come home later i'll try to get my Fritz card DSL to work. Well i hope so... :-)

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Antialiasing with PHP

Today i updated the website of our company. And i also managed to fix one thing that bothered my since it existed: Smooth, antialiased rounded edges in HTML. Well, i had rounded edges quite some time now. I did it with a special PHP image generator which generated rounded-edge images on the fly in the colors you needed. That worked quite well, but unfortunatly the rounded edges where not antialiased.
So today i looked at that matter again, and tried to use the ImageAntialias() function of PHP. Of course did that not work with ImageFilledEllipse() that i used. So i thought about a better solution to get an antialiased round edge. Suddenly the technique used in todays graphicscards came to my mind: Supersampling.
So now I have images with 10xAA. That was the trick: I "rendered" the image in a resolution 10 times higher than needed and then downsampled the image to the requested size using ImageCopyResampled(). It's a bit slow but since the images are cached anyway its not a big matter. And it works quite nice. If you want to take a look at it visit to - Contact page
If you are interested in that feel free to contact me.

Away from work I'm also rather busy. Coming weekend I'll be away for a recreational with my youth group. Since I'm member of the staff I have quite some things to prepare.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

My new Home

My Mum just sent me this photo of the city I'm livin' in. Just thought to share where my new home is. Given that photo, i think Dillenburg is not that bad at all... :-)

Victory over VPN's

This is how it turned out:
The ethernet adapter which was connected to the DSL modem had an IP address in the same subnet as the vpn'ed network. This resulted in the ping packets being sendt through the normal ethernet adapter. Changing the subnet to something else corrected the problem. And seeing it now its clear that it couldn't work before. Well, you live and learn.

In other news i finally got my DSL connection at home ordered. They say it will work from 18.10.2004 on. I'm curious if the Fritz DSL SL card works as expected. - I installed the drivers with the fcdsl ebuild for gentoo. Let's hope all is okay, and i can simply plug in the card and go online. - But something whispers "It won't work!" into my ear...

Fighting VPNs

At work I'm again fighting with our VPN's. Since I'm responsible for the firewall in our company, it is my task to get the VPN connections up and running for our employees which have to access services in our network from home.
First problem is: You need to install KB818043 in order to use the new NAT-T features of Windows/IPsec. Ever tried to get that update? - Well its PITA. Here's a good resource about it, may save you some hours...
After installing SP2 for Windows XP and testing the connection with the computer here, all went okay. I was happy. But...
At home it did not work, the tunnel eventually came up, but pinging was not possible. It seems that NAT-T does still not work as expected. Bummer.
Trying to connect directly through the DSL modem resulted in a RAS Error 769: Unable to find address. So now we are reinstalling the ISP's Software (Arcor) and trying to get at least a online again. Lets see how this turns out...

Welcome to Shyru's World

Well, welcome to my blog, this is my very first post. :-)