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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Fighting VPNs

At work I'm again fighting with our VPN's. Since I'm responsible for the firewall in our company, it is my task to get the VPN connections up and running for our employees which have to access services in our network from home.
First problem is: You need to install KB818043 in order to use the new NAT-T features of Windows/IPsec. Ever tried to get that update? - Well its PITA. Here's a good resource about it, may save you some hours...
After installing SP2 for Windows XP and testing the connection with the computer here, all went okay. I was happy. But...
At home it did not work, the tunnel eventually came up, but pinging was not possible. It seems that NAT-T does still not work as expected. Bummer.
Trying to connect directly through the DSL modem resulted in a RAS Error 769: Unable to find address. So now we are reinstalling the ISP's Software (Arcor) and trying to get at least a online again. Lets see how this turns out...


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