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Friday, December 10, 2004

Movie Opinion: The Incredibles

As announced, yesterday I saw "The Incredibles".
The Incredibles is yet another solid movie from Pixar.
The first 10 minutes of the movie are just ridiculous and realistic at the same time. Hero's beeing accused of helping people is ridiculous and at the same time I had no problems to imagine that in our world. This world where everybody only thinks about his own merit, and fails to see the big picture. This is the situation at the beginning of the movie. What follows is a time where all heroes need to get a new identity and have to stay undercover. But heroes often tend to have a come back...
The Incredibles is definitly not only targeted at children, which makes it also very interesting for older people which still feel young. The topics discussed range from matrimony problems, over children in the teen-age to "the purpose of life". That mixed up with strong characters, great renderings, some real-life problems and a lot of fun results in a great movie.
I recommend it to everyone who likes to have a funny evening.

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Thursday, December 09, 2004


Today i got my holidays between christmas and new year affirmed! Hooray! Actually the company where i work wanted to move in this period, but things did not come out so well, so the move will be delayed to sometime in january. So I'm happy to have real holidays between christmas and new year. :-)

At the evening I will be watching "The Incredibles" at the cinema. I'm really looking forward to this, as it promises to be a really good movie. We are a group of 10 people, so guess we will have quite some fun. :-)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Do you like debug messages?

I do. - Well thats not entirely correct. I _love_ debug messages! :-)
What kept annoying me all the time, was that it is not easily possible to output debug messages when creating a website with PHP. Either you spit out the messages right into the resulting html - not that nice, or you save them to a file and keep tail -f'ing that file. - Not that nice either.
While developing a Webinterface in the company i work, i finally found an IMHO nice solution to this problem:
A floatable debug window. - Well, not a real browser window, but a movable div-tag with the debug messages in it. Together with a helper function in PHP and javascript i am now able to send debug messages to that window at any time. - Either while generating the page, using the PHP function, or while running javascript, using the javascript function. And if the window gets into my way, i simply move it away or close it completly. - Very nice.
Wanna see a screenshot?

Not so nice news are, that my brother had a car accident yesterday. He drove drunk, but didn't hurt himself or any other. - Thank god! But nevertheless the car is a wreck, and he had to release his driving license. Strange to say that he never drove drunk befor, rather getting home with friends or staying over night. Hope it's a lesson for him. We are all thankful that he is still well and alive.